Welcome to FTstairs.com the Finishing Touches website, your best resource for staircases and handrailing.

Finishing Touches is a manufacturer of Quality custom and production wood Staircases and Handrailings.

This website is designed to help you explore and navigate through the critical structural and design elements of staircases by providing a wealth of visual and technical information.

Homeowners, contractors, architects and designers rely on this site to help them communicate the concepts of stair and railings with one another and to facilitate exact project specifications to us.

We encourage you to use this site in the planning stages of your project as a lot of structural elements come together at the staircase and are affected by it. We would like to make you aware of your options, what to keep in mind when planning for your staircase and how to avoid planning mistakes that may compromise your desired design. One of which we should mention right now is to plan for the stair and railing as a unit.  The design of your stair will affect your railing layout options. The stair must be built to facilitate the railing layout/design you have in mind.  They don't have to be built at the same time but they have to be planned with each other in mind which is discussed fully in the "Planning stage".