Stair between two walls illustrating a housed 2 side or closed both side stair case
This image illustrates a H2S (housed stringer both side) stair that is suitable for use between two walls. It is different from the C1S stringer configuration because you can see the stringer on the inside between each step. You can also see the top edge of the stringer running down the length of each side of the stair. No railing was require for this stair however one could put a wall railing down one or both of the sides. - if your browser supports the feature run your mouse around the image and important details will become visible about the item
Image id: maple8-7
Railing: #4
Balusters: turned 1 3/4" Standard #1
Posts: turned 3 1/2" Standard#1
Stairs: Straight C1S closed rise in maple 1 1/8" tread, 2 1/4" stringer 
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