The view in this image shows all three staircase mostly from the side and back illustrating the floating landing and self supporting stringer configurations from an internal perspective.  Lower right is the first stair case leading off the main floor terminating at the landing mid page. The center shows the mid staircase having come off the first landing at 90 degrees and terminating at the landing above. The upper left shows after turning 90 degrees once more the underside of the inside stringer and drywall on the third stair in the series terminating on the second floor header which is not quite visible at the top of the image . This also shows another view of the tread and return overhang on the the C1S stringer mid picture.

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Image id: maple8-5
Railing: #4
Balusters: turned 1 3/4" Standard #1
Posts: turned 3 1/2" Standard#1
Stairs: Straight C1S closed rise in maple 1 1/8" tread, 2 1/4" stringer 
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