This image shows the support structure of a floating landing system. It is the way the stringers are manufactured to tie the landing into the stringer that forms the support for the stair below. You can see how the stringer in the bottom right is carried across to the wall on the left. This provides the framework for the landing top side and the support for the stair below and the stair above. The process is duplicated in the upper left corner of the image. The inside stringers are considerably  larger and in some instances greater then 2 1/4" thick solid hard wood.  Also illustrated are the side and underside views of the tread returns, notice how they overhang each step and give a cut away appearance of the steps.  The newel post in the fore front shows a non-goose necked stair to landing transition.

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Image id: maple8-4
Railings: #4 handrail
Balusters:  1 3/4" Standard #1 turning
Newel Posts: 3 1/2" Standard#1 turned
Stairs: Straight C1S closed rise in maple 1 1/8" tread, 2 1/4" stringer 
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