Grand newel post with inset box, cap and Base detail Mitered quarter turn Unsupported housed stringer  used on inside of stair Notice no wall under stair Custom floor to ceiling support newel post
This image is of the stairs leading to the basement for this home. The existing stairs have been reused and the new railing system continued from the main floor has been install.

Design note: This is a good example of the difference between a C1S stringer configured stair and an H2S stringer configured stair also showing a supported and unsupported inside stringer. On the image below, you will notice that the balusters sit on top of the stringer and that there is no support wall under the upper set of stairs in the picture which is the exact opposite of the picture above where the treads overhanging the inside stringer and it has been "cut" away to expose the tread edge and to allow the balusters to sit down on the tread.

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Railing: #3 in oak
Balusters: Square 1 1/4"
Posts: Square- Grand newel post  with 6" base, cap and box detail
Stairs: Straight H2S closed rise , unsupported site application - 1 1/8" tread red oak, 1 3/4" stringer poplar 
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