1 1/4 inch pnt. grade square pickets Support wall under inside cut stringer 6 1/4 inch Grand newel post in oak with inset boxes, cap and base #3 Railing profile Housed stringer on wall side Double Bullnose tread - notched to fit around wall Cut stringer supported by a wall underneath


This picture is of our #3 railing style in oak, with 1 1/4" square wood baluster in poplar. Oak newel Post is our Grand newel post design with 6" base, box detail and cap. The stair is an 1 1/4" poplar stringer with an 1 1/8" oak stair tread and a 1/2" pnt grd. faced  riser. It is a cut one side (C1S) closed rise (CR) stair for site supported application.

Design note: The last oak tread at the bottom of the stair is called a bullnose tread, in this case because the stair extends beyond the wall, the tread is a double bullnose tread that has been notched to fit the wall. The stair stringer configuration  is an open or Cut one side.   Notice how the wall side of the stair has a different stringer then the open side of the stair. The step overhangs the stringer on the side opposite the wall.  This stair combines oak and paint grade wood where the treads, newel post  and railing are of a stain grade oak and the stringers, risers and balusters are of a paint grade material. Also, notice the wall below the open side of the stair, this is what is supporting that side of the stair, if that wall was not there, then that stringer would be of a thicker material to take up the support function the wall is providing.

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Oak stair picture id: Lep3copp
Wood railing: #3 handrail profile in oak
Wood balusters: Square 1 1/4" poplar or soft maple
Wood newel post: Square- Grand newel post with  6" base, cap and box detail
Oak / paint Stair:  Straight C1S closed rise with double bullnose, site supported - 1 1/8" tread red oak, 1 1/4" stringer poplar 
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